Atlanta Man Cave Remodeling

A Basement Speakeasy

Location: Ansley Park (Atlanta)

The Challenge

One could have argued that this 1930s era Atlanta basement needed to just be … left alone. It was the epitome of a funky, musty old cellar with water problems, rotten framing and a crumbling slab. But wait, doesn’t that set up perfectly for a man cave?

The Solution

With the existing narrow stairs virtually dividing this section of the basement in half, our designers created a warm pub-style bar and stone fireplace to the right, with an existing bedroom beyond — and to the left, a lounge for settling into deep cozy chairs and watching re-runs of Star Trek or cheering on an Atlanta team. A full bath was added to the side and with all said and done, the kids can stay upstairs and the adults can slip away to the Speakeasy in the former cellar of this Atlanta home!