Get to Know MOSAIC’s People – Scott Foerst

Scott FoerstScott Foerst is a remodeling consultant with metro Atlanta-based MOSAIC Group.

  • What’s new and exciting about the remodeling industry? There are lots of new finish materials that are available, and with websites like, clients are able to better convey the look and styles they like.
  • What’s the best advice you have received in your career? Finish what you start and do so with passion and intensity.
  • What’s your best words of advice for others? Practice makes perfect, and you can always learn new things.
  • What’s your favorite item in your office? A neat Lego Fallingwater my daughter and I made together.
  • What’s your secret/guilty pleasure? Sweets and playing board games with my friends and family.
  • What’s the best vacation you ever took? Venice and Florence, Italy, with my wife and father.
  • What’s your favorite magazine to read? “National Geographic”