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Architects and Remodelers - December 2012, Atlanta, GA
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MOSAIC Indoor Living


MOSAIC Outdoor Living

Year-End Message From the Owners
  Willaim and Rick  
Rick Goldstein and William Fadul

As we write, we have just enjoyed our annual holiday party with our associates, trades people, vendors and families – as good a time as there can be to appreciate who and what keeps us at the top of our game.

The two of us have received more credit than due for establishing MOSAIC Group as a leading design/build renovation firm; one glance around the roomful of folks celebrating 2012 with us confirms yet again the old adage that “you’re only as good as your people (including our clients of course)!” In this case, that means a whole host of people who step up every day in little and large ways to uphold our vision, principles and standing in the industry. So we are extremely grateful for the extended team that is MOSAIC, starting with our very dedicated in-house associates Michael, Robert, Justin, Mike, Greg, Jesse, Jennifer and Beth.

We wish everyone in our extended family a reflective, joyous and safe holiday season and a 2013 that brings prosperity tempered by compassion for all who have less than we.

Warm Regards,
William and Rick

Good Customer Service Key to Business Success

AJCThis article originally ran in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution.
By Rick Goldstein
Customer service is an important part of a successful business; good service helps attract and retain customers and increase sales, while a negative experience can have a damaging influence. But good customer service is more than a slogan; it takes planning, buy-in, and reinforcement.

Start with creating proper expectations. Unless clearly identified, expectations can’t be met or surpassed, nor will you know if or how you’ve fallen short.

The secret is to set expectations that can be reached or exceeded. Overpromising and underdelivering is a losing strategy; it’s better to underpromise and overdeliver, as long as the goals aren’t set artificially low and don't provide an incentive to your company and employees to work hard at achieving them.

Once they’re set, meeting your goals is an important accomplishment, but if you want your customers to experience the “wow factor,” you’ll have to do more than that.
Click to read the complete article.

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