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Architects and Remodelers - December 2012, Atlanta, GA
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MOSAIC Indoor Living


MOSAIC Outdoor Living

Georgia Urban Ag Council Bestows Awards
  MOSAIC receives GA Urban Ag Council Award  
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MOSAIC Group and King Landscaping were honored during the recent Georgia Urban Ag Council Professional Landscape Awards banquet. The team won two Distinction Awards in the $50,000-150,000 Design/Build/Installation category. UAC promotes professionalism, adherence to industry standards and education.

Vendor Spotlight:
MODA Floors & Interiors
MODA Floors & Interiors

MODA Floors & Interiors, a Shaw Design Center, is located in the West Midtown Design District.

Cork flooring has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Many people think cork is a relatively new and possibly unreliable flooring option. Yet, you can find examples of cork floors that were installed over 100 years ago in buildings.

Go here to read "Cork: Nature's Gift to Flooring."

Remodeling: Is ROI Important?
Remodeling: ROI
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Although return on investment is fundamental to the stock market, the concept is more fluid for home remodeling. If your highest priority is to avoid putting more money into your house than you’re likely to get back when you sell it, then achieving a substantial ROI should guide your decisions. But if the comfort or long-term usability of the house is at the top of your list, ROI should be a lesser concern.

What constitutes a good ROI on home renovation? READ MORE

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We were pleased to receive the GuildQuality Atlanta Service Excellence Award. The award celebrates exemplary quality and superior customer service as measured by GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying. All award winners must be recommended by more than 90 percent of their clients.

Go here to read feedback from our previous customers.

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