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MOSAIC Indoor Living


MOSAIC Outdoor Living

Consider Your Lighting Options
   Consider Your Lighting Options

While Americans were ringing in the New Year, bulb manufacturers were ending production of 40- and 60-watt incandescent light bulbs. Home improvement stores will continue selling them until their supplies are depleted.

More energy-efficient bulbs, like LEDs and halogen lights, will cost consumers more - sometimes twice as much - but they last longer. Customers are expected to see a dramatic decrease in their energy bills over time.

Some incandescent lights, like the 25- and 150-watt bulbs, will remain on store shelves.

New Elevated Deck Wears Many Hats
Before 1 - Eleveated Deck After 1 - Elevated Deck
Before - Click to enlarge After - Click to enlarge
After 2 - Eleveated Deck After 3 - Elevated Deck
After - Click to enlarge After - Click to enlarge

Decks serve many purposes for those who love outdoor living. MOSAIC Group reduced the footprint from the old deck to make it more intimate; positioned the grill on the backside of the fireplace and covered it; and installed cable railings for transparency and horizontal viewing. A stair-and-landing design provides a coffee perch half-way down.

The proprietary pre-dried decking and railing material affords uniformity and stability.

Decrease Kitchen Clutter
Decrease Kitchen Clutter Decrease Kitchen Clutter
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Keeping kitchen clutter under control isn't as difficult as you might imagine. Here are some options to consider for storing food items, spices and/or serving pieces.

Life-like Drawings Help Eliminate Guesswork
   Life-like Drawings Help Eliminate Guesswork
Click to enlarge

Sometimes it's difficult to visualize what a project will look like when it's completed. MOSAIC Group provides 3-D renderings to our Indoor and Outdoor Living clients as a standard practice. It's easier and less expensive to make modifications off the detailed renderings than it is after construction is underway.


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