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MOSAIC Indoor Living


MOSAIC Outdoor Living

MOSAIC Group Wins Three Awards
   MOSAIC wins three awards
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Whether you're contemplating a kitchen, bath, outdoor or whole-house renovation, the winning projects from the recent Atlanta Home Improvement magazine Best Before-and-After Contest are sure to inspire. Thanks judges for including three MOSAIC Group projects in the July issue.

Click on these links to see photos and read more about these projects.

Keep Track of Your Project Online
   Mosaic Connect

Remodeling your home is an exciting experience! That's why MOSAIC Group offers secure, online access to MOSAIC Connect, which contains all the details and selections for your project.

You can track photos of the construction progress, view the schedule, see and approve change orders and selections, as well as access important documents. From online warranty claims, to the online messaging system, you can easily communicate with our team no matter if you're at home, work or even on vacation!

To see a brief video, go to and click on the Client Login button at the bottom right of the page.

HIP Outdoors Profile: Southeastern Underdeck Systems
   HIP Outdoors Profile
   Southeastern Underdeck Systems
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MOSAIC Group and Southeastern Underdeck Systems are members of HIP Outdoors, a group of like-minded companies that collaborate on projects within the outdoor building and home improvement industry.

Q: What is an underdeck system?
Heath Bowman: It is a ceiling system that goes underneath an elevated deck to keep the space below it dry, increasing your living or storage space in the process.

Q: How much clearance do you need to install one?
Bowman: You want a minimum eight-foot clearance for an entertainment space that includes a fan, can lighting and speakers. If you're using the space for storage or to keep your lawn mower dry, the clearance could be as little as five feet.

Q: What do underdeck panels look like?
Bowman: They are flat aluminum panels that are available in three different textures and 27 different colors. The most popular colors are wicker (beige) and musket brown (dark chocolate brown).

Q: How about maintenance?
Bowman: How frequently a system needs to be maintained depends on factors like how many trees you have or how many animals are running around your deck. Simply pull out a panel every three to five years to see if your system needs to be washed down. You don't need to dismantle the whole thing.

Q: How much should I expect to pay for an underdeck system?
Bowman: If you don't want can lights, a fan or speakers, you should budget around $11-$12 per square foot of coverage. If you want to dress it up with a lot of options, you'll probably pay $13-$16 per square foot. Installing a simple rectangular deck usually takes one or two days.


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