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MOSAIC Indoor Living


MOSAIC Outdoor Living

Remodeling Outpacing Real Estate Spending
   MOSAIC Group Project
MOSAIC Group Project (Click to Enlarge)

Although residential construction may be years away from a full recovery, the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University says the American home improvement industry could post record-level spending this year.

Several factors have contributed to the strengthened remodeling market. After the housing bust, many homeowners who might have traded up to more desirable homes decided instead to improve their current home. Federal and state stimulus programs also encouraged energy-efficient upgrades. Responding to a surge in demand, many rental property owners reinvested in their properties to attract new tenants.

Spending on discretionary home improvements—kitchen and bath remodeling, room additions and outside attachments such as porches and decks—rose by almost $6 billion between 2011 and 2013. The share of spending on these discretionary projects increased for the first time since before the housing crash.

MOSAIC Group Continues to Grow
   Lee Woodall
Lee Woodall

MOSAIC Group welcomes industry veteran Lee Woodall to its staff. Certified as a Master Kitchen and Bath Designer, Lee has more than 20 years experience designing interiors, casework, tile, kitchens and baths.

Lee spent nine years as a kitchen designer for Cooking Light magazine. She also served as president of the Georgia Chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

The newest member of the staff enjoys reading, raising koi and attending street festivals.

Tear Down or Remodel?: Some Considerations

An Interview With William Fadul, principal, MOSAIC Group

  Scott Foerst
William Fadul

Do you advocate for one side of the teardown/build new vs. restore debate?
Despite MOSAIC Group's focus on remodeling, it is a disservice to our potential clients and clients to advocate for one approach over the other. Our goal is to advise and assist in determining the best outcome for that individual or family since each case is unique and affected by multiple vectors. We want to provide a framework and context, along with education, to allow the client to make the best decision for their circumstances.

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Looking for More Space?
  MOSAIC Group Project
MOSAIC Group Project (Click to Enlarge)

Adding a deck to your house is similar to creating an outdoor living room. It’s a great place for relaxing, cookouts, socializing with friends and other activities. To get the most out of your new addition, consider installing an underdeck. This not only gives your new deck a professional, finished look but it also creates an additional area under the upper deck that you can utilize effectively.

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