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MOSAIC Group Project
MOSAIC Group Project
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MOSAIC Group Project
Not So Big House Principles Apply to Remodeling Projects of all Sizes
By William Fadul
Principal, MOSAIC Group

The concept or movement of “Not So Big House” has entered the mainstream, but what is it and who started it? Well, what it is not about is tiny houses for everyone, or a creed of bad design in favor of tiny energy bills.

The No So Big House philosophy, in fact, embraces architectural style across the spectrum, and is a concept dedicated to homes of all … well, most sizes. It can be described as an anti-McMansion sort of trend, but it is much more forward-thinking than that. And don’t be fooled – this is a way of thinking and designing that applies to remodeling as much as to new home construction, granted that retrofitting is always a greater challenge.

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Mosaic Group Project
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several parts of this
house to accommodate
an elevator to all floors.
Mature Homeowners Remodeling More

Homeowners above the age of 55 are making up an increasing share of those who are remodeling their homes, says the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. Despite the trend, many existing homes lack accessibility for people with mobility issues.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are often the focus of remodels that improve accessibility, along with wider hallways and doors, no-step entries, and locating the bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.

Homeowners who said aging in place is a motivation for their renovations were prepared to spend more on their improvements, with 78 percent saying they expected to spend more over the next three years on remodels compared to the prior three years.

Home's Exterior Gets Facelift

How do you make a house with a mansard roof more visually appealing? MOSAIC Group took its inspiration from the wooden trellis beside the garage. You rebuild the dormers with copper roofs, add a covered porch and recreate the second-floor balcony with metal rails and double doors that open off the master suite. A new pergola for parking completes the look.

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After 2 After 3
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