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MOSAIC Indoor Living

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Make a Statement With Your Deck

Are you as big a fan of outdoor living as we are? Think about form and function when you’re planning to construct a new deck. How will you use the space? Will it serve as a quiet refuge or a place to entertain well into the night? Will you incorporate an outdoor kitchen, built-in seating or a hot tub? Do you prefer real wood or an alternative decking material? How will you access your backyard?

Click on this link to see a photo gallery from some of our recent deck projects.

New Partnership Adds Home-Buying Component

Are you looking for that "perfect" home to buy but can't find it or haven't found it after a time-consuming search? MOSAIC Group now offers a seamless home buying and renovation experience through its collaboration with metro Atlanta real estate specialist Stacey Goldstein.

The new service is available to anyone who is looking to move. Are you a first-time home buyer or someone who wants to relocate, downsize or upsize? Or do you have a friend or family member who has a similar need?

Stacey can help you find a home to purchase and then team with MOSAIC Group to remodel the home to meet your needs. This includes helping evaluate the homes, figuring out what is possible, providing renovation budgets, and determining whether remodeling the home is worth the effort.

For more information, call 770.670.6022.

Jennifer Reed
MOSAIC Group Project
2016 Bathroom Remodeling Trends
By Jennifer Reed
CMKBD, MOSAIC Group Remodeling Consultant

When homeowners are in the mood to remodel, a bathroom makeover to update the style and enhance comfort is high on the wish list. Atlantans are attuned to many of the hottest trends in bathroom design while also having their own views on some of the options popular elsewhere.

Overall, clients embarking on a custom design prefer a very clean, spa-like appearance emphasizing straight lines instead of curves. This "transitional" look is not necessarily “modern” but more of a bridge between traditional and contemporary.

In keeping with this trend, floating vanities, which are attached to the wall rather than sitting on the floor, are in much higher demand than vanities resembling furniture. Because the flooring extends all the way to the wall, a floating vanity can also make the room seem larger, which appeals to many consumers.

Home design television shows and websites have an extensive following, and their influence may be seen in the popularity of double vanities. This may mean a double vanity or two separate vanities, depending on the space available. Undermount sinks are still the popular choice in Atlanta.

If there’s one feature that’s a must for a custom bathroom, it’s a heated floor. Even during the comparatively mild southern winters, tiled bathroom floors will be cold and uncomfortable, and a heated floor will seem more a necessity than a luxury.

When it comes to details, Atlantans seem to prefer finishes of polished chrome and brushed nickel; antiqued gold is beginning to attract attention as well. Quartz countertops are gaining some ground, and this material blends well with the preference for a sleek overall look. One popular solution to the perennial need for more storage space is roll-out drawers with outlets for plugging in items such as a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron; these drawers, similar to those found in beauty salons, also have heat-resistant inserts for storage.

Accessibility is becoming more important, and more homeowners are renovating their homes so that they can age in place. Bathroom remodeling solutions include wider doors, alterations that would create room to maneuver a wheelchair, grab bars, benches, and curbless showers.

Whatever the reason for remodeling the bathroom, consumers should be aware that their experience won’t be as painless as the projects they see each week on HGTV, Houzz, and the DIY Network. While these shows have done much to educate homeowners and make remodeling more approachable, they also create unrealistic expectations. Condensing an extensive renovation into a few hours of air time implies that remodeling is easy, clean, and quick when in fact it can be messy, expensive, and take much longer than most people expect.

To achieve the bathroom of your dreams, you’ll need to establish a realistic budget and plan for the unexpected. Working with a design/build professional and a Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD) with a proven track record in the remodeling industry will definitely improve your odds for a successful project and a more pleasant experience.

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