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MOSAIC Indoor Living

Mosaic Tiles Tie Room Together

During this recent project, MOSAIC Group added a door between the master bedroom and bathroom for privacy. The new shower features a floating bench and Calacatta wall tile with a glass mosaic decorative band. Black and grey pebbles were used on the shower floor. The vanity mirrors were wrapped in glass mosaic tile to tie the whole bathroom together. The vanity has a quartz countertop and brushed nickel faucets.

Click here to see photos of this upgraded bathroom.

Help Preserve a Piece of History
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

MOSAIC Group and its employees support a wide variety of organizations through their community involvement. Owner Rick Goldstein works with the Dunwoody Preservation Trust and recently volunteered at Lemonade Days, which is the trust's annual festival and carnival. The festival raises funds to preserve historic structures and properties within the city of Dunwoody.

The group's efforts are currently focused on renovating and preserving the Donaldson Bannister Farmhouse and Cemetery, which date back to the early 1800s. The buildings, which are in varying stages of decay and neglect, are in dire need of extensive renovation to preserve this piece of Dunwoody history.

Located on the corner of Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Vermack Road, the property is owned by the city of Dunwoody. It will be operated and maintained by the trust. Rick and several other volunteers are on a committee to help plan and oversee the preservation of this historic landmark. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or contributing financially to the project, please contact Rick.

Established in 1995, the Dunwoody Preservation Trust is a 501[c]3 organization that helps preserve the history and heritage of the area.

Home Automation
Home Automation: Secure Your Home

By partnering with Crestron Pyng, an innovator in home automation, MOSAIC Group makes it easy to set up security features for your home.

Not sure if anyone locked the back door? Secure it remotely. Workers coming? Let them in without having to hide a key. Security cameras enable you to see who's at the door before opening it.

Control all your alarm zones with the touch of a button. Alert the police, fire and paramedics instead of looking for your phone to call 911.

Automatically raise and lower shades to hide the fact that nobody's home. Program the system to correspond with the actual sunrise/sunset time even as it changes slightly from one day to the next.

Scott Foerst
MOSAIC Group Project
Which Groups are Most Likely to Remodel?
By Scott Foerst
MOSAIC Group Remodeling Consultant

Interest in remodeling cuts across many demographics, but four subgroups are particularly likely to retain the services of a professional design and build company. First are the empty nesters whose children are attending college or now living on their own. Then there are households adding a family member. It might be a new baby, but it could also be an elderly parent or other relative. First-time homebuyers who have purchased an older house that needs a lot of work are also likely to look for professional help. Similarly, people house-hunting due to corporate relocations may fall in love with a home in an older neighborhood rather than one in a trendy new subdivision.

All these groups have something in common: the two areas they’re most likely to renovate are kitchens and bathrooms. With this type of project, homeowners have the satisfaction of putting a personal stamp on their home and also perceive that they’re getting a good return on their investment.

Other projects are also high on home improvement wish lists. Many people living in older houses, built when living spaces were smaller, choose to add a family room or sunroom. Others prefer to build outdoor rooms. More than just a screened porch, these spaces often feature fireplaces, fire pits, televisions, or outdoor kitchens.

Patterns in preferences for location—e.g., city vs. suburbia—are hard to decipher. Contrary to stereotypes, some families with young children move from the suburbs to the city, while older individuals or couples may pursue a major home renovation, rather than downsize and move to a senior living community, in anticipation of having family members move in with them.

Further, for many clients, remodeling doesn’t necessarily entail a complete makeover. Some homeowners aren’t terribly concerned that the color or style of their kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures went out of fashion decades ago and don’t jump into action every time the design gurus issue new pronouncements. Instead, they may be satisfied with freshening the look of a room with paint colors, cabinets, countertops, and flooring in neutral or earth tones or crafted with natural wood or stone, while leaving other things unchanged.

Regardless of their goals, homeowners considering a remodeling project can benefit from working with a design-build company or a designer who will work in concert with a contractor. It’s also helpful for homeowners to try out ideas using the features on websites such as Houzz or Pinterest. The design professional can then review the client’s selections, discern common threads, and create plans reflecting their preferences and priorities.

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