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August 2016 - Atlanta, GA

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Kitchen Remodel Nears Completion

Watch the second installment of the kitchen remodeling project we're working on in Roswell. Demolition has been completed, and we have installed new structural beams to open up the space. The footprint also has been extended into the backyard.

Get to Know Our People

William Fadul, CR, GCP, is a co-founder of MOSAIC Group.

  • What's new and exciting about what you're doing? New, exciting and DAUNTING. Having been in this industry for three decades, it's amazing how much change there has been even as remodeling is still and always will be about working on built structures. But all of the ways communication has changed (from fax machine to e-mail to social media and beyond) and the incredible changes in product offerings and building techniques keep us on our toes. Not to mention the revolution in how we find clients and they find us.
  • What's the best advice you have received in your career? Maybe not the “only” best advice, but this snippet of wisdom came from a colleague a few years back after I had spent much too much energy trying to win, and ultimately losing, some business. He said to me “William, you can’t want it more than they do.” Just another, very insightful way of saying, pay attention and listen; sell what people want, not necessarily what you want to do!
  • What's your best words of advice for others? If you enjoy what you are doing 70 percent of the time and the other 30 percent is Meh, you’re not doing badly at all.
  • What's the best vacation you ever took? Tied for #1 is a trip to Lake Como in Italy with my daughter, during which time we ate the same pizza four nights in a row, with the same wine, almost drowned in a kayak because a storm blew up out of nowhere, and I dunked her camera in the water because I completely misunderstood where to dock the boat. But we had a wonderful, unforgettable time. Including seeing a mass gathering of Great Blue Herons in the shoreline trees of the lake that simply blew my mind.
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MOSAIC Reveal: Contemporary Kitchen


This two-story kitchen space was an integral part of a larger remodel that touched several areas of the house, including a new office, a covered and screened porch, a deck, a potting shed, and a master bathroom.

The clients love to cook and wanted their kitchen to function more efficiently and to reflect their clean, modern design style.

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MOSAIC Earns Spot on Top Remodelers List

See more photos from this project.  

MOSAIC Group surged ahead three spots on the "Atlanta Business Chronicle" list of Atlanta's Top 25 Residential Remodeling Contractors, moving from #7 last year to #4 this year. The list is based on 2015 residential remodeling revenues in Atlanta.

Company principals William Fadul and Architect Rick Goldstein have been beautifying metro Atlanta homes collectively for more than 25 years.

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