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October 2016 - Atlanta, GA

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Create Your Happy Place

Whether you need more room for a growing family or you want to repurpose an existing room, MOSAIC Group has a proven track record in designing and building beautiful indoor living spaces that accommodate various needs and wants. This brief video showcases some of our recent indoor projects.

Get to Know Our People

Architect Rick Goldstein is a co-founder of MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers].

  • When and why did you choose this career? I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be an architect. While in architecture school, we had a visiting professor who introduced us to design/build where we constructed a very elaborate structure in a collaborative environment of something we designed. I caught the bug and have never looked back.
  • What is some good advice you have received in your career? While in college I worked for an architect that designed hotel casinos. He called me in his office one morning: "Goldstein, get in here! See this." It was a resume and cover letter. "Look at how my name is misspelled," he shouted. He then hastily crumbled the papers into a ball and threw them out the door. "This is what happens to a resume with a misspelling," he said. "Remember that for the rest of your career. Now get out of here!" Lesson learned.
  • Who or what motivates you every day? I'm a very self-motivated person. What motivates me professionally are interesting and challenging design problems, quality craftsmanship, building long-term client relationships and mastering the delicate balance between work and family life.
  • What's the number one item on your bucket list? Having gone rock climbing, spelunking, rappelling, sailing, scuba diving and most recently taking a motorcycle trip across the southwest, one of the next items on my list is hang-gliding. The idea of floating high in the air like an eagle seems very appealing to me. I have not yet fully gathered the courage, but I am working my way toward it with baby steps.
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Bathroom Project Wins Design Award


MOSAIC Group won a Silver Award in the Bathroom category ($50,000-$75,000) in the 2016 Qualified Remodeler Master Design Awards.

The Master Bath is part of a larger remodel that touched several areas in the home. The existing 1990s bathroom was outdated with a large tub that the clients never used. Working within the existing footprint, MOSAIC created a more functional bathroom with modern amenities and an updated look that is consistent with the rest of the remodeled spaces.

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