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January 2017 - Atlanta, GA

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Message from Rick: 

As we bring in the new year, change is in the air. Not just at the federal government level, but also here at MOSAIC Group. For the last several years, William and I have been working diligently behind the scenes to create a succession plan for the MOSAIC Group ownership that allowed for a smooth and uninterrupted transition of leadership for our staff, our trade partners and most importantly our clients. As of October 1, 2016, we transferred full ownership of the company to myself. William will remain with MOSAIC full time in 2017 and then will consult with the company for a couple of years afterward.


William and I have had a very successful partnership together, one that has been infused with patience, trust and a healthy dose of mutual respect. I will be forever grateful for his contributions to our partnership, but more importantly, his friendship. I might even miss his sarcasm, dry sense of humor and his pet names for everyone in the office. This letter is not a farewell to William, and don't dare ask him about "retirement"! This is about his pursuit of the next chapter of his life. It is about the smooth transition of MOSAIC ownership, and it is about a vision for the future of this company. Our entire team is poised to take on the challenges ahead. It is an exciting time for the MOSAIC family, with some fantastic new programs and offerings coming in 2017.

Stay tuned, and wishing you a GREAT 2017!

Message from William: 

As Rick aptly suggests: this is an announcement, not a farewell. Nevertheless, it is a big step for me, for Rick and for MOSAIC. When he and I formally created a new company out of our existing companies in 2004, what we are doing now was always the ideal plan. That didn’t mean it would simply happen, and 2008 and ensuing years certainly drove that point home. But a clear vision, great clients, dedicated and talented staff and trades, and a whole lot of hard work prove psychologist/author Angela Duckworth’s point: passion driven by the commitment to finish what you start wins the day. 


My path would have been many times more challenging without Rick’s support, integrity and generous spirit. With his leadership and energy, MOSAIC will be even more successful, and I will be plugged in for a long time to come, as he points out. I have a lot of work to do as MOSAIC continues to evolve to serve our communities. This is a unique company in many ways and the next year should prove that we don’t intend to stand on past achievement. I cannot thank you all enough for being part of MOSAIC.

Cheers to 2017!

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