New Builds

Sometimes clients say things in jest:

“Can you build me a gourmet kitchen that will actually do the gourmet cooking for me?

“Is there any way you can make a deck that repels pollen and leaves? (If only!)

Those features may always be a pipe dream. But the ability to control major home systems with the touch of a button or the setting of a timer — when you’re not even there? We do that. Sophisticated home automation is a growing part of the MOSAIC portfolio of services for Atlanta homeowners.

Imagine waking up to gentle lighting that doesn’t disturb your still-sleeping partner. You pad into a preheated bathroom where the wall-mounted television is quietly airing your favorite news program. By the time you step out of the shower, fresh-brewed coffee is ready in the kitchen.

Or picture being on a rare date night with your spouse. Instead of worrying about the kids, simply check the in-home security cameras through your mobile app. Bump up the furnace a little for them. And while you’re at it, lock that basement door, because you know the kids forgot to.

These are just some of the many features available through our partnership with Crestron Pyng, an innovator in home automation. Controls for audio, HVAC and even window shades are integrated into one common platform. Elegant devices — from touchpads to smartphone apps to bath – and pool-friendly waterproof remotes — make it easy to set up your Atlanta home just the way you like it.