Three Season Splendor

For this project, it was important to our clients that what we built looked like it had always been there. They wanted the space to work for them for as many moths as possible, have both covered and uncovered options. In addition, keeping the view from the deck was important to them as was theRead More

Kitchen with an Urban View

We had three challenges to address when designing this kitchen remodel. First, the building architect had intentionally designed the entire building to have no right angles and our clients wanted everything to be flush with the walls and cabinetry. The second, was that the condo docs did not allow us to move any major features,Read More

Revitalized Inside and Out

For this project our client wanted to refresh the exterior of their house by renovating their carriage house, driveway, back porch and front portico as well as adding external access to their basement.

Traditional with a Twist

Our challenge was to rework the kitchen space, add storage and open up the wall to the dinning room to provide better flow from the porch to the dinning room.

Entertaining Elegance

How best to integrate the original terrace level into the newly renovated main and upper floors of the house?

Traditional Elegance

When our clients bought this Buckhead property, it had a builder grade kitchen that they wanted redesigned. Our designer had a few challenges and client wishes to take into account as they worked their magic.

Contemporary Terrace

Our client’s sort to refinish and update the terrace level of their house. Space was more than adequate but not being used to it’s best potential. By reclaiming this space they felt that they would be able to expand their family, host visiting relatives and remain in their house for much longer.

Poolside Oasis

Our clients came to MOSAIC for our design guidance and construction know-how to update their pool house both inside and out, refinish the pool and renovate the upper level of the patio for multiple season use.

Bold Makeover

This home was in much need of an exterior renovation and makeover when the home owner’s purchased the home. The front porch was made from concrete poured over now rotting wood, the back deck was being held together by paint and it was lacking in curb appeal. Enter Mosaic.

Vaulted Splendor

This master bath began as the original builder grade bathroom. It was in need of an update to not only modernize the space but to also address our clients concern that the bathroom felt cramped. In this case, there was no space for us to cannibalize in order to make the space bigger so weRead More