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Christa Gregory

Project Development Manager

I am passionate about the philosophy of Servant Leadership: in order to lead you must serve. These principles have served me well both professionally and personally and are the principles that enable me to navigate the complexities of leading people and managing things.


Christa is responsible for leading MOSAIC’s Design Team through the project planning and execution process, with emphasis on on-time project start dates and creating exceptional client experiences. She was an Operations professional in the Telecommunications industry for 18 years, and recently pivoted into the design space where she is both applying legacy knowledge and learning a new line of business. Her experience lies in process improvement and implementing operational efficiencies through relationship development, data analysis and quality control.

When not at work, Christa enjoys traveling, renovating historic homes, and spending quality time with her partner, twin boys and daughter.

Education & Certifications

  • Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Management, Harvard University
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