Check References When Remodeling

To protect yourself when remodeling, always check the contractor’s references. This is an essential stage of qualifying the right person for your project. 
Here are just a few questions to ask previous customers:
  • Could they communicate well with the remodeler?
  • Were they pleased with the quality of work? (This is a tough question, however, since everyone defines “quality” differently. It is much better to ask to see the completed project to determine the level of quality for yourself.)
  • Were they satisfied with the remodeler’s business practices?
  • Did the crew show up on time?
  • Were they comfortable with the trades people the remodeler subcontracted to?
  • Was the job completed on schedule?
  • Did the remodeler fulfill his or her contract?
  • Did the contractor stay in touch throughout the project?
  • Were the final details finished in a timely manner?
  • Would you use the remodeler again without hesitation?
  • Was the job site kept clean during the project?
  • Was the remodeler professional, ethical, honest and fair throughout the process?
  • Did the remodeler manage the overall project and process in such a way to ensure your satisfaction?
  • Did any issues arise during the project? How did the remodeler handle them?