Connecting Levels of Living Areas

Project completed by: Mosaic Group Architects & Remodelers Inc.

Location: Alpharetta

Approximate cost: $50,000 ($15,000 for patio, $35,000 for porch and deck)

Prior to its renovation, this Alpharetta home’s mid-level deck created a disconnect in the backyard. The homeowners hired Mosaic Group Architects & Remodelers Inc. to create a practical and low-maintenance solution that beautifies their backyard and ties together the interior spaces with the outdoor living areas. The experts at Mosaic Group developed a design that expands the sloped backyard, connects the upper and lower outdoor-living levels and provides a cozy space for the remodeled porch to flow into. The project required the removal of the existing deck, the relocation of the stairs to create a visual connection from the porch to the backyard, the installation of a curvilinear patio that transitions from the straight lines of the house to the natural shape of the existing lot and landscaping, and a more contemporary and updated outdoor living space that is now an extension of the home.

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