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Considering a Fireplace? Here are Some Tips

By November 17, 2012No Comments

By Rick Goldstein, co-owner, MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers]

This week’s cool weather reminds us how warm and comforting a fireplace can be. If you’ve been thinking of adding one to your home–either inside or outside–here are some things to consider. There are two distinct camps in the fireplace arena. Traditionalists are wood-burners. They love the smell, enjoy listening to the crackling noises, and want a roaring fire that produces heat. The other camp dislikes the mess and prefers a fireplace that can be conveniently turned on with a push of a button.

Because there are a variety of fireplace types and design alternatives, it’s easier than ever to select a fireplace for almost any location. A double-sided gas fireplace can provide a fire feature to the inside and the outside of your home. We’ve also used a vent-less fireplace on porches where installing a chimney was cost prohibitive. A wood-burning fireplace requires a full chimney and, when in close proximity to a structure, must meet stringent building codes.

Fireplace construction materials include stucco, siding, stone and brick. Depending on the fireplace’s design and location, there are numerous variations on each type of material. There are also different types and methods to install stone, whether it’s stacked, dry laid, chunky or veneered. All create different aesthetics.

MOSAIC Group has designed and constructed fireplaces using traditional surrounds with wood mantels, reclaimed wood mantels, stone mantels, corbelled brick-and-stone mantels and other combinations. One is limited only by his or her creativity. Using an attractive custom screen is another way to infuse some individuality into your fireplace.

Click on this link to see a photo gallery of fireplaces we’ve designed and constructed for other fireplace enthusiasts. Give us a call at 770.670.6022 to discuss your ideas.

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