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Constructing a new Deck? Hire a Pro

By October 1, 2015No Comments
deck with furniture

Here are some reasons why you’ll want to hire a professional to construct a new deck.

  • The building codes for decks have become much more complicated due to the abundance of deck collapses during the last few years.
  • Attachment techniques need to be carefully followed and scrutinized to be sure the deck structure is safe.
  • Constructing a new deck requires a building permit.
  • There are new products available every year. A professional will have experience with these products while the do-it-yourselfer may not.
  • A professional will bring years of experience, knowledge and design talents to create a safe, practical and beautiful addition to your home.

What could go wrong if you take the DIY approach?

  • Your deck may not meet current building code safety requirements and could therefore pose a safety hazard.
  • If no permit is procured, a building official could require the deck to be removed.
  • A homeowner could accidentally build past the regulated zoning building setback lines, opening the potential to have to undo what has been constructed.
  • Without proper knowledge, the incorrect fasteners could be used. These fasteners may rust, creating a future safety hazard.

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