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Contemporary in Blue

By September 18, 2020August 31st, 2023No Comments

Midtown High Rise Bathroom Remodel

Contemporary in Blue

Location: Midtown Atlanta

The Challenge

Our challenge for this high rise bathroom was how to add maximum visual impact in a small space. We had one main challenge to overcome. Due to the condo laws, we were prohibited to cut into the existing concrete floor and move drainage. This meant that we could not move any of the major fixtures in the room and would have to stick to the existing footprint.

The Solution

To open up the space and provide a modern feel, we removed the exisitng deck tub and installed a free standing tub. In order to install the client’s selected tub we designed a wood platflorm for two key reasons. One was the overall aesthetic appeal of the natural wood and the second was the ability to hide the pipes since we were not allowed to cut into the concrete floor. The platform allowed us to move the tub drain from it’s original position to the middle of the tub. We also removed the knee wall and tub deck platorm to open up the room. The existing vanity with toe kick and wall cabinets felt heavy, so instead we used a floating vanity to give the contemporary feel and continue the open flow of the space. To complete this modern bathroom, a wall of matte glass, blue tiles added the ultimate modern wow factor.

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