Custom Cabinets Widen Homeowner Options

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By: David DiCristina, Timberland Cabinets
(Timberland Cabinets is one of MOSAIC Group’s preferred vendors.)

For a homeowner planning to remodel, the cabinetry is a significant part of the investment as well as one of the most visible aspects of the finished project. A custom cabinet maker will design, build, and install cabinets to fit your space and lifestyle.

While custom cabinetry has a reputation as the priciest option, that’s not necessarily so. Often, the cabinet maker can match a quote from a major retailer. By doing the work in-house, the custom cabinet maker cuts out several steps in the supply chain while offering the client more flexibility over options such as the size of the cabinet, the type of wood, the paint or stain, and the hardware.

Custom cabinetry costs are primarily based on labor. Homeowners renovating a kitchen or bathroom, building a home office, adding bookshelves or an entertainment center or carving a laundry room out of a corner of the basement will have as many choices within their budget as a customer with a large scale project.

For instance, you’ll be able to select upper cabinets 14-15 inches deep instead of the standard 12 inches preferred by large manufacturers. You’ll also be able to choose one of the more popular woods such as maple, cherry, walnut, or white oak, or go with a more exotic species. Moldings, ogees, and onlays from basic to ornate will also be available, and you can blend interior and exterior features from different models to create your own unique design.

When selecting a cabinet maker, ask for references, and since problems inevitably pop up, be sure to find out how the business responded.

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