Georgia Power’s Green Energy Program

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MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers] is deeply committed to expanding its green remodeling initiatives by promoting environmentally sustainable homes and using materials that preserve the health of our client homeowners.
Below you’ll find a guest post by Georgia Power that deals with the company’s Green Energy Program. If you would like to learn more about MOSAIC’s commitment to green building, please give us a call at 770.670.6022.
MOSAIC Group Guest Blogger: Mike Walters, Green Energy Support, Georgia Power,
Green energy is electricity produced in an environmentally friendly manner from renewable resources like the sun, wind and biomass. Renewable energy resources are naturally replenished and produce zero emissions. Georgia Power customers who wish to support and foster the growth of renewable energy have two primary options to do so.
First, you can purchase and install your own renewable energy generation. For example, one could install solar panels on the roof of his or her home or business. The energy generated from the solar panels could then be used to either offset the energy that particular home or business uses, or it could be sold back (either as excess generation or in its entirety) to the utility and placed on the electric grid.
Second, you can purchase green energy from your utility provider. For example, Georgia Power offers a voluntary Green Energy Program where customers can elect to purchase green energy in 100 kWh blocks for a 12-month period. This option allows individuals to support green energy while avoiding the high capital costs associated with owning your own renewable energy generation system.
To learn more about Georgia Power’s Green Energy Program and how you can purchase green energy or sell green energy back to the company, please visit
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