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Home Renovation Etiquette

By January 1, 2011No Comments

MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers] has developed policies and procedures to ensure the renovation process goes smoothly for Atlanta homeowners and the communities in which they live. Since MOSAIC has two divisions–Indoor Living and Outdoor Living–our projects can vary in scale and complexity. But our overall goal is to provide a clean, safe, creative environment in which to conduct business.

MOSAIC understands the value of internal and external communications. The renovation process includes a pre-construction meeting with the homeowners and the project manager to discuss the scope of work and outline any deadlines. We also alert neighbors of the impending project via flyers and post a yard sign that includes company contact information and hours of operation. This is an excellent vehicle for responding to questions, concerns or new business leads.

There is a company representative, a dumpster for daily pick-up, a portable toilet and a safety kit on each site. MOSAIC works within normal business hours to keep the noise levels down for nearby residents. Stakes and fluorescent tape outline the driveway to prevent damage to landscaped areas. As an extra precaution, workers must park on the street. They are instructed not to block driveways or mailboxes.

If the homeowners are living in the structure, MOSAIC seals off the project area to the extent possible. A plastic barrier helps lessen dust and debris. If the kitchen is being remodeled, we work with the homeowners to relocate the sink, refrigerator and stove to another location, such as a garage or a basement.

MOSAIC helps homeowners realize their dream project, whether it’s a new bath, kitchen, porch, outdoor structure or other addition. Professional remodelers will work with you to ensure satisfaction and minimize stress for you and your neighbors.

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