How to Survive a Kitchen Renovation

By July 7, 2015No Comments

To survive a kitchen renovation, you need to do your homework prior to the start of construction. Try to make all your selections and purchases as soon as you can so you don’t have to worry about them after construction begins.

Things will always come up, but if you have already made a majority of the selections (i.e., appliances, decorative fixtures, hardware, countertops, etc.), you won’t get into a situation where you feel pressured to make a decision or, even worse, delay the project.

You will be temporarily losing an important room in your home. So try to plan ahead and think about what you will be using as a make-shift kitchen – microwave, toaster oven, refrigeration, coffee maker. It’s like setting up a college dorm room kitchenette. Make sure you have the bare necessities.

Then be creative with your meals, and do a little prep work before your old kitchen is gone. Dining out or ordering takeout food isn’t realistic for every day. Make freeze-able meals and soups that you can grab out of the freezer and warm up when needed. Use your slow cooker and grill. There are several apps and websites that have “modernized” recipes for slow cookers.

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