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Kitchen with an Urban View

By September 11, 2020August 31st, 2023No Comments
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Midtown High Rise Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen with an Urban View

Location: Midtown Atlanta

The Challenge

We had three challenges to address when designing this kitchen remodel. First, the building architect had intentionally designed the entire building to have no right angles, and our clients wanted everything to be flush with the walls and cabinetry. The second was that the condo docs did not allow us to move any major features, such as drains, so we would need to work within the existing footprint. And lastly, the stove had a recirculating microwave and our clients wanted to add a hood vent which would vent out of their 5th floor condo. We were up for the challenge!

The Solution

Our clients wanted a clean and modern kitchen, so one of our first recommendations was to use glossy, acrylic cabinetry with flush-mounted doors. These same cabinet doors were used to hide the refrigerator and provide symmetry to the back wall. Quartz countertops were selected for their sleek modern feel, as well as their eco-friendly, antimicrobial properties. The quartz was cut to create a waterfall edge, which adds further to the kitchen’s seamless look. To keep the walls clean, we integrated countertop outlets for ease of use and to eliminate cluttered walls. The tile backsplash was a great way to add some dimension and texture to the space. Together, all of these components brighten the space and fit with our clients’ condo aesthetic. Our final and biggest challenge was installing the vented stove hood. There was no previous external vent, so we had to hide the pipes through the existing HVAC soffit and then repel down the side of the eight story building to cut the hole in the side of the building to complete the vent.

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