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Labor Day: Grilling Safety Tips

By August 27, 2014No Comments
Here are a few simple grilling safety tips that may save more than your dinner.
Before You Begin
•Clean your barbecue to avoid grease buildup. Accumulated grease deposits frequently catch fire and are difficult to put out.
•Keep the grill at least 10 feet away from your house or trees.
•Don’t barbecue in the garage, on the porch or on the deck. Decks often have dry grass and debris under them and if a smoldering match drops between the boards, it could ignite the debris, the deck and your house.
•Keep children away from the grill.
While Grilling
•Avoid loose clothing that could catch fire during a flare up.
•Never use gasoline or paint thinner to start a fire as they will explode and or release toxins into the food.
•Don’t squirt or pour starter fluid onto a lit grill. Fires can readily flashback along the fluid’s path and explode the container in your hands.
•Keep alcoholic beverages away from the grill. They are flammable.
•Never leave a grill unattended.
In Any Type of Barbecue Fire
•Dial 911 for any fire that threatens either personal safety or property.
•Never pour water on a grease fire because it will spatter and/or cause it to flare up.
•Use an approved portable fire extinguisher and/or cover with grill lid to smother flames.


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