Move, Continue to Age in Place or Remodel?

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Here are 10 questions Baby Boomers should ask themselves about their future living arrangements. Should they move, continue to age in place or remodel?
1.                  Is your current home near medical facilities?
2.                  Do you have easy access to shopping? 
3.                  Do you live in close proximity to family members and other relatives?
4.                  Do you love your present community? 
5.                  Will selling and downsizing increase your financial position?
6.                  Will a smaller home accommodate your extended family needs or a live-in caregiver?
7.                  Are there ways to change a multistory dwelling so that you have living space on the main floor? (such as utilizing a seldom used room to create a master suite) 
8.                  If square footage is an issue, can you integrate an elevator or a lift into your home to ease access to the second floor?
9.                  Are there recommended upgrades that can be done to your home to make it more age-friendly? (such as widening the doorways to major rooms or providing barrier-free entrances into and out of your home)
10.              Can you improve your exterior finishes using low-maintenance materials for greater sustainability?
Source: Jesse Morado, director of production, MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers] 
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