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Prep Your Landscape for Spring Blooms

By March 20, 2013No Comments
Photo Courtesy: King Landscaping

Spring is in the air and soon our temperatures will be warming and our spring bulbs will start blooming. Since spring brings with it a burst of color after a long drab winter, making the most of the new colors and life can be simple and well worth it.

To set the stage for these beautiful blooms there are a few things you can do:


Fertilize all your perennials, shrubs and bulbs
Cut down any old leaves and prune off dead wood from any trees or shrubs
Work on your lawn, aerating and fertilizing, fill in the dead spots to make sure weeds don’t grow

Apply 2-4 inches of new mulch on your garden beds and trees

Start a watering schedule for your plants, lawn and trees
Start weeding, pull new weeds as they come up and use herbicides to kill off persistent weeds

Use these tips to start preparing your garden and lawns for the upcoming growth season. Then sit back and enjoy your beautiful spring landscaping.
Source: NARI Atlanta


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