Protect Your Home While Remodeling

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For homeowners either considering a home remodel, or in the midst of a remodel, it can be a very overwhelming time. There’s the excitement, along with the stress of having structural changes completed within one’s home that can often lead to lapses in home security.

According to the security team at, a site for people looking for an alarm system review of top alarm companies including ADT reviews and FrontPoint reviews, there are precautions homeowners can take during a remodeling project to increase security.

1. Always let the alarm company know a remodel is happening. The construction within the home may affect the functioning of the alarm system, so it’s important the company is aware of what’s going on. This also may be a good time to add extra security, such as surveillance cameras, even if only for the duration of the construction project.
2. Keep all values in a protected place during a remodel. Homeowners may opt to keep items in a safe within the home, or an offsite location such as a neighbor or family member’s home. No matter how much a homeowner may trust the construction company performing the work, it’s still a good idea to protect any and all valuables during this time.
3. Keep the exterior of the home well-lit, particularly areas that may be open to the outside during construction. As with any theft, darkness is the ally of most burglars, so keep all exterior areas well-lit during the remodel. It may be necessary to install inexpensive, temporary outdoor lighting during this time.
4. Keep the area around the home clean and free of clutter and debris throughout the remodel. A messy construction zone creates an opportunity for burglars to steal items such as tools that may be left in easily accessible areas, which may then lead to the burglar’s return to steal other items from within the home. Keeping a clean work area will reduce the risk for burglary and confusion.
5. Do a check of the construction company performing the work prior to beginning a remodeling project. Even if a company is offering an unbeatable deal, it’s important to do a complete check of references before signing a contract.

Source: is a site created by security experts to provide consumers with reviews of top alarm system companies and equipment.

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