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Seamless Splendor: A Backyard Sanctuary

By January 11, 2024April 11th, 2024No Comments

Seamless Splendor: A Backyard Sanctuary

Location: Sandy Springs

The Challenge

Our clients loved their neighborhood and were committed to remaining for the foreseeable future. They were ready to embark on a transformative journey of enhancing their indoor and outdoor living space. Motivated by the desire for both personal enjoyment and increased property value, they entrusted us with the task of orchestrating multiple remodeling projects in the home. Paramount to their vision was the seamless integration of their indoor and outdoor spaces, including their new pool, harmonizing the elements into a cohesive new area.

The Solution

A stunning screened-in porch was conceptualized and executed, while carefully preserving the influx of natural light into the home. Simultaneously, the area beneath the porch underwent a comprehensive redesign, emerging as a sophisticated covered pavilion, perfectly tailored for the new pool. Every detail was carefully considered to ensure a harmonious flow throughout the new space. The result is nothing short of extraordinary – a spacious, functional haven for year-round enjoyment. Our clients are delighted with their new backyard sanctuary, and we share in their enthusiasm!

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