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Basement Bet: A Royal Flush Remodel

By January 11, 2024April 11th, 2024No Comments

Basement Bet: A Royal Flush Remodel

Location: Sandy Springs

The Challenge

The homeowners used their basement, but they were ready for a transformation. As a passionate poker enthusiast, they envisioned a haven to entertain friends, complete with an edgy industrial warehouse ambiance.

The Solution

The basement was refreshed by transforming the concrete floors into a rich copper hue using acid-etched stained concrete. The ceiling was painted with a sleek black coat, revealing exposed ductwork that added to the gritty appeal. A long wood beam was installed, seamlessly contributing to the industrial vibe. Custom steel railings, painted in a bold black, adorned the stairway, enhancing the overall warehouse aesthetic.

With these foundational elements in place, an atmosphere was created to exude coolness. Our homeowner’s poker table took center stage, complemented by art that mirrored the homeowner’s taste. Today, the basement is now their new poker hub and a place where they enjoy entertaining friends and family. That’s what we call a winning hand!

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