How to Prune Ornamental Grasses

This brief video by Eric King of King Landscaping provides advice on how to prune your ornamental grasses. It includes time-saving tips and information on safety equipment needed to complete the job.  Link:

How to Choose Sod for Your Lawn

In this brief video, Eric King, ASLA, King Landscaping, talks about how to choose sod for your lawn. The video covers usage, soil preparation, and watering.

How to Build a Stone Retaining Wall

MOSAIC Group Guest Blogger: Eric King, ASLA, King Landscaping Building a stone retaining wall involves several steps. Always make sure you follow local building codes. Walls have three major components. There’s the footing or base where it’s built, the face and the cap. Here’s a short video I did for on how to build one.Read More

How to Repair an Urn Fountain

MOSAIC Group Guest Blogger: Eric King, ASLA, King Landscaping Water features can be an excellent addition to your landscape. Here are a few video tips on how to clean and repair an in-ground urn fountain.

Brick Patios are Great Outdoor Option

Brick patios are the most flexible and durable of all the patio types. This landscaping video with Eric King, ASLA, gives a broad overview of brick patios in comparison to other types.–Other-Types.htm