2016 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Kitchen design trends come and go, with some gaining widespread appeal and others with more limited popularity. Here’s a look at what’s happening in Atlanta. Fusion of styles: Atlanta is a melting pot and people often fuse styles in the kitchen because the users prefer different styles, such as traditional and modern. Others eschew aRead More

Environmental Benefits of Wood Floors

Photo: National Wood Flooring Association Wood flooring is the most abundantly renewable flooring material available. Because trees are a renewable resource that can be replaced time and time again, sustainable forest management makes it possible to harvest wood without any serious impact on the environment. Check out these environmental facts about wood floors: The averageRead More

Modern Floor Plan in Williamsburg Reproduction

A MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers] Case Study Before Challenge: The kitchen is the anchor of a Williamsburg reproduction home. The owners of this Sandy Springs home had a decision to make – work with the layout of the distinguished replica or design a new “modern” floor plan. The couple wanted a family-friendly environment whereRead More

Wood Flooring Waste Materials Provide Heating Source

MOSAIC Group Guest Blogger: Anita Howard, communications director, National Wood Flooring Association, http://www.nwfa.org/ It has been a long-standing environmental trend that wood flooring producers use nearly all of their waste materials as an energy source for their plants. Over the years, they have used the saw dust, wood chips and other wood scraps and pulp asRead More

Protect Your Hardwood Floors

MOSAIC Group Guest Blogger: Gerald Thompson, Bona’s “Wood Chemist,” www.MyBonaHome.com Gerald Thompson Hardwood floors are one of the largest investments in your home. Protect them by routinely cleaning to avoid dirt and in turn scratches and a dull finish. Using products that are safe for your floors, family and the environment will ensure beautiful hardwoodRead More

Wood Floors Improve Indoor Air Quality

MOSAIC Group Guest Blogger: Anita Howard, National Wood Flooring Association Did you know that nearly one in four Americans suffers from asthma and/or allergies? According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, that represents 60 million people in the United States alone. A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive indicated that the vast majority ofRead More