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From Dated to Dreamy

By November 13, 2023April 11th, 2024No Comments

Kitchen Revival: From Dated to Dreamy

Location: NW Atlanta

The Challenge

This home on Mt. Paran Rd. was the very first home built on the street. According to the homeowner, the kitchen had lost its luster over the years, becoming impractical and unfit for meals, cooking, or quality family time. The space, although it had been renovated before, just felt dated and incohesive. Moreover, the absence of a pantry and a designated space for the kids to stow their shoes and belongings upon entering added to the household’s woes. The homeowner wanted a reimagined, revitalized core of the home – a place for family connections and where friends can be entertained.

The Solution

The MOSAIC team went to work to create the kitchen of their dreams. The result: a breathtaking, on-trend culinary oasis adorned with top-tier, luxurious finishes. The team repurposed a former wine room, transforming it into an expansive, well-appointed pantry, tailored to accommodate all their household needs. A mudroom was also designed for an optimal blend of storage and organization, thereby reducing clutter and fostering an environment of orderliness. Equally notable is the island – an heirloom piece of furniture that was artfully elevated to become the centerpiece of the kitchen. The space is now practical and functional, all while retaining an unparalleled aesthetic allure. Now, it serves as a hub where family and friends can come together to savor the joys of each other’s company.

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