Five Myths About Termite Inspections

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MOSAIC Group Guest Blogger: Valera Jessee, executive director, Georgia Pest Control Association
Myth #1: A termite inspection is required in the state of Georgia to sell or buy a home.
Fact: Termite and other wood destroying organism inspections were required until recently, but due to recent changes to requirements by most mortgage lenders, and current real estate contract verbiage, an inspection for termites and other wood destroying organisms is now wholly discretionary.
The Georgia Pest Control Association does not believe these changes are in the best interest of the consumer. Determining termite infestations requires certain skills held only by trained pest control professionals. Without required termite inspections, buyers will have no history about previous infestation, treatments, damage or conditions conducive to infestation.
Myth #2: The chance of getting a termite infestation isn’t very high in Georgia.
Fact: Because of humidity in southern states like Georgia, termite infestation isn’t a possibility. It’s a reality. Subterranean termites cost the Georgia public tens of millions of dollars per year in damage, repair and control costs. Because of the humid southern climate, Georgia is one of the most highly infested termite and wood destroying organism states in the nation.
Myth #3: It is not essential to have a termite and wood destroying organism inspection when you buy a home.
Fact: Without a professional termite inspection, potential home buyers will be unaware of critical information about their new home without the resulting WDO inspection report. New homeowners may suffer financial loss because they are not fully informed about existing warranties and how that warranty can affect the value of their purchase. To re-establish the warranty, they will have to re-start the contract and treatment process.
Myth #4: Termites are easy to control and don’t do much damage for a long time.
Fact: Granted it may take some time for termites to damage a home, without a professional termite inspection, undetected infestations may continue their damage for years. This results in expensive repair charges and sometimes irreparable damage to the home. Termites are not easy to control and require specialized equipment as well as extensive knowledge of the insect.
Myth #5: Home inspectors are licensed to perform termite inspections.
Fact: Home inspectors are not licensed to perform an official WDO inspection. A licensed pest management professional is regulated by the Department of Agriculture. Becoming licensed requires intensive study and testing, something that professional pest control companies focus on. GPCA highly recommends that a termite inspection be performed whenever a home is bought or sold.
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