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10 Summer Energy-Saving Tips

By July 29, 2014No Comments

·                     Set your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer. For every degree below that, you can expect up to a 4 percent increase in energy costs.

·                     Set the thermostat up to 3 degrees higher when you’re away from home for extended times.


·                     Use a ceiling or area fan to make the air feel up to 6 degrees cooler.


·                     Change your air filters every month or pleated filters every three months to maximize your cooling system efficiency. Dirty filters restrict airflow.


·                     Keep air vents clear of any obstructions, like furniture or drapes.


·                     Keep your blinds closed or curtains shut during the day to keep out heat from the sun.


·                     Clear outside units of nearby plants or trash for proper airflow.


·                     Avoid using appliances that give off heat during the hottest times of the day. Do your cooking, washing and drying clothes in the morning or in the late evening.


·                     Caulk and weather strip doors and windows to stop air leaks to lower your bill by up to 10 percent.


·                     Lower your water heater temperature to 120 degrees to save money on energy.




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