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Cold Weather on the Horizon?

By November 23, 2015No Comments

A colder than average winter may be on the horizon for portions of the Southwest, Southern Plains, Southeast and East Coast, according to a December 2015-February 2016 temperature outlook released by The Weather Channel.

What steps can you take to ensure your home stays warm?

  • Caulk all openings around doors and windows
  • Install switch plate gaskets
  • Install a flap that closes over dryer vents
  • Add more insulation in the attic
  • Insulate the floor above the crawl space
  • Ensure the fireplace damper is closed to prevent unwanted airflow
  • Add weather stripping to doors
  • Seal openings around drain pipes in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Keep drapes and blinds closed except when windows are in direct sunlight
  • Install storm windows and doors
  • Cover any window air conditioner
  • Run ceiling fans on low in reverse (clockwise when looking up) to circulate warm air
  • Put draft snakes (sometimes called draft dodgers) on window sills and against doors
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